Board of Directors


David R. Barrett, Chair
Cheryl Duggan, Vice Chair
Brendan M. Harrington, Treasurer
Wendy W. Barth, Secretary
Dr. Francisco M. Vasquez, President/CEO

Edwin T. Bean, Jr.
Patrick R. Carroll
Diane J. Ceravolo
Elizabeth B. Constantine
Albert Erni
Cheryl S. Fisher, Esq.
Christine Garvelli
Tracy Heneghan
Linda A. Kahn
Timothy E. Kupinski, AIA
William Loecher
David Luzon, Esq.
Kevin F. O’Leary
Barbara A. Piazza, Esq.
John C. Spitzmiller, Esq.
Robert Trevor Stevenson
Tamara Tempfer RN, MS, PNP
Michael K. Walsh
Kristina M. Young

Child & Family Services Foundation

Child & Family Services Foundation was established in 1990 as a charitable, not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation, with the sole purpose of supporting the mission and services of Child & Family Services. Governed by Board of Directors, the volunteer board represents a cross-section of business, civic, and professional interests in the community, and is legally responsible for directing the operations of the Foundation.

Child & Family Services Foundation Board of Directors

Michael K. Walsh, Chair
Charles F. Kreiner Jr., Treasurer
Linda A. Kahn, Secretary
David R. Barrett
Elizabeth B. Constantine
Brendan M. Harrington
Francisco M. Vasquez, Ph.D.
Richard A. Wall, Ph.D.
Kristina M. Young
Robert L. Stevenson, Director Emeritus
Ruth Kahn-Stovroff, Director Emeritus