Human Service Worker/Full-time Overnights

Position Summary: This is a direct service position in the residential/shelter component of Haven House, working with adult victims and interfacing with child witnesses of domestic violence.

Hours: 11:00 pm - 7:00 am

Major Responsibilities/Activities:

  • Provide coverage for the crisis telephone hotline
  • Individual counseling services to adult shelter residents from an assigned caseload
  • Conduct group sessions, when needed, to include House Meetings support groups, conflict resolution sessions, etc.
  • Retain up-to-date case files and progress notes
  • Maintain necessary records, statistical information, activity sheets, documentation, logs that are pertinent to the position and to the program to ensure the flow of communication
  • Engage in case conferences and case reviews
  • Initiate and engage in creative programming to benefit shelter residents or staff
  • Meet the primary needs of residents during an assigned shift (i.e., token distribution, supplies, etc.)
  • Engage in community and presentations, if necessary
  • Provide legal and social services advocacy for shelter residents
  • Perform other related duties deemed necessary by program coordinator
  • Models and practices sensitivity, fair treatment and acceptance of diversity in all interpersonal interactions
  • Shows willingness to learn about and implement skills related to diversity
  • Participates and contributes to program Quality Improvement process.
  • Utilize Agency phone and email systems following standard customer services protocol. This includes: answering the telephone in a timely and professional manner, directing calls appropriately and returning phone and email requests promptly. Demonstrate excellent phone etiquette and customer service skills. Also demonstrate knowledge of agency programs and services.
  • Maintain positive working relationships with program staff and others within the agency.
  • Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills during interactions with internal and external customers.
  • Must maintain and submit all of the required documents and comply with all aspects of the Vehicle Safety and Usage Policy.
  • Minimum Requirements:
  • Bachelor of Social Work degree (BSW), a related degree may be accepted in some instances
  • Must have a Valid NYS Driver’s License.
  • Be able to function as a member of a team
  • Work within a busy, fast-paced office setting
  • Abide by a smoke-free work environment
  • Be able to access a multi-level building
  • Work a variety of shifts on a rotating basis to include evenings, weekends and holidays
  • Promote the empowerment of women as defined by the Social Work profession and Battered Women's Movement, adhering to the principles of non-violence and independent decision making.
  • Desired Qualifications:
  • Bi-lingual skills (specifically English/Spanish)
  • Prior domestic violence experience
  • CPR or nursing skills
  • Familiarity with or clinical training in the areas of mental health and substance abuse.
  • To apply for this position, please complete the online application.