Bess the Book Bus

On July 12, 2011, Bess the Book rolled into Buffalo to make a stop at the Stanley G. Falk Schools during its 2011 Success in Sight National Tour.  Students at Buffalo Public School #53 and the Stanley G. Falk School (Delaware-Campus) were treated to a read aloud by Bess’ owner, Jennifer Frances. Afterwards, each student boarded the bus and picked out a book to take home. Along with the new books, students received a gift certificate for a free eye exam thanks to a partnership with Transitions Optical and VSP.  

Frances said she hopes to reach more than 200,000 underprivileged children nationwide during the 2011 tour. “I have been waiting to come to the Buffalo area for awhile. This is a wonderful opportunity to be able to give children access to the basic things they should already have; it’s heartbreaking, yet inspiring for me to see the children and the wonderful teachers and community members who work so hard to give them what they need,” said Bess’ owner Jennifer Frances.  Bess is named in honor of Jennifer’s grandmother who always read to her growing up.