New Forever Family Fills Courtroom

Buffalo, NY – Family Court was bursting with love and joy asChari found her forever family.  In aquiet room, Darrick and Jodi Castronova signed the paperwork that made themofficially Chari’s parents. Then, in a courtroom packed with family, friends andrepresentatives from Child & Family Services, Hon. Sharon LoVallo made itofficial.  The Castronovas are nowChari’s adoptive parents.

Chari gets to stay in the only home she has ever known. Shewent right from the hospital to the Castronova house.  The pastor and his wife worked with the birthmother in hopes there could be a reunification. When that was not possible, theywelcomed Chari forever.  After the courtproceeding, Chari’s parents gave her a special locket with pictures of thethree of them together.

Chari also had a special gift for her Case Planner ReneeJohnson, a photograph for Renee’s office. Chari is Renee’s first adoption withthe Agency, and you could see it was an emotional day for everyone involved.

The Castronova’s are not new to adoption.  They adopted their son, Isaac from Haiti.They have two biological children, Sam and Savannah. They hope their adoptionencourages others to foster. Child & Family Services is always lookingfor foster homes to help care for children in need of a safe place. Moreinformation is available by calling 882-0555.