Bean Family’s Generosity Leads to Inspiring Falk School Assemblies

The first days of a new school year can be a difficult timefor students. Many experience a great deal of anxiety and self-doubt as theyreadjust to pressures and dynamics that they have gone without for months. Whatis one way that students can become more comfortable at school? Through sharedlaughter with their classmates.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Bean family, theRossler, Cambridge, and Roosevelt campuses of the Stanley G. Falk School weretreated to back-to-school assemblies starring Buffalo-based “InspirationalOddball” Nels Ross.  The four satellite schools were able to attend at theRoosevelt campus.

As Nels juggled, jumped, and joked onstage, the students wereunited in their laughter. But Nels’ show was not played only for laughs. Hisinteractive performance also aimed to promote character education issues, suchas respect and responsibility, and the principle that every person has valueand potential.

To put the cherry on top of a successful event, Mrs. SusanBean was able to attend one of the performances. When the act ended, Mrs. Beanwitnessed the students as they returned to their classes with springs in theirsteps – invigorated and inspired.

A huge thank you goes out to Mrs. Bean and her family forbringing these shows to the Falk School!