A Beautiful Night at Fashion Show with a Twist

Fashion Show with aTwist was a night of beauty. Beautiful venue. Beautiful fashion from LuluLemonand RuthAnn Boutique. Beautiful crafts from local vendors. Beautiful models.

But the most beautiful thing at the event was not somethingthat could be seen. Rather, it was something to be felt. Everyone at Fashion Show with a Twist walked intothe Tonawanda Castle with positive ambitions and left with a true sense ofperspective.

The evening was filled with smiling faces as the guestsenjoyed the night’s activities. Attendees were invited to shop from theparticipating local vendors and enter a basket raffle filled with generouslydonated items. There were reminders, though, of why everyone was gathered forthis event. A Haven House art project entitled “Talk a Walk in My Shoes” was ondisplay at one table. Domestic abuse survivors decorated these shoes with images,phrases and other decorations as a way of expressing their untold stories. Twosurvivors of domestic violence, Naomi and Sarah, exhibited their strength asthey walked the runway during the titular fashion show. The crowd showed itssupport by enthusiastically applauding as these models demonstrated that theywould not be defined by their past experiences.

While expressing the seriousness of domestic violencethroughout the fashion show, WGRZ personality Heather Ly, sporting a walkingboot, was also able to help provide some levity. This was particularly evident asshe spoke of the evening’s two youngest models, Desmond Truesdale, Jr. and ParkerLoecher, who won the hearts of everyone in the audience. Desmond showed off hisimpressive walking skills and big smile, while Parker blew kisses to the crowd.In the moment, these two young gentlemen received wild applause. The symbolism oftheir participation at a benefit for a domestic violence shelter, though, resonatesbeyond the night’s proceedings – that through our actions and teachings today,we will pass our ideals to the next generation.

Child & Family Services would like to thank all guests,models, sponsors, vendors, volunteers, workers and anyone else who helped make Fashion Show with a Twist such asuccessful night.

Haven House is always here for you. The 24-hour hotline canbe reached at 716-884-6000.