24-Hour Hotlines Provide Life-Saving Help for Victims of Domestic Violence

The recent tragedy at the Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) has captured the attention of local and national media outlets.  According to officials, 33 year-old Jacqueline Wisniewski, a nurse at ECMC, was killed by her former boyfriend, Dr. Timothy Jorden.  Please help spread the word about the life-saving services for victims of domestic violence in our community.


24-Hour Domestic Violence Response for Erie County:  (716) 862-HELP (4357) and (716) 884-6000 (for shelter).  Trained counselors are on hand to provide immediate, life-saving crisis intervention.  If you or someone you know is being abused, help is only a call away:


(716) 862-HELP (4357)

(716) 884-6000 (for shelter)


These hotlines are made possible through the collaborative efforts of six state-approved domestic violence service providers, including: Child & Family Services’ Haven House, Erie County’s only licensed domestic violence shelter, Crisis Services, the Family Justice Center, Hispanics United of Buffalo, Erie County District Attorney’s Office and Erie County Sheriff’s Office.  This collaborative is supported by the Erie County Department of Social Services.