Buffalo Bills’ Bryan Scott and Falk School Students Visit Shea’s

On Tuesday, October 16th, Buffalo Bills’ Linebacker Bryan Scott spent the morning with high school students from the Stanley G. Falk School as part of the ARTventure Program.  Bryan Scott’s ARTventure Program developed from his Pick Your Passion Foundation for the Arts; it was launched with the Falk School earlier this year.

The group was treated to a behind-the-scenes tour of Shea’s Performing Arts Center.  The tour was complimented with an acting lesson in the grand lobby of Shea’s as students put their acting skills to test under the guide of professional expert.  Following the workshop, a donated lunch from My Tomato Pie was hosted at the Theatre’s Della Mostra Lounge to conclude the day’s theatrical experience.

The ARTventure Program partners with students at the Falk School throughout the Fall semester.  Each month, the group travels to art and music venues in the Buffalo area to help the students develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of the arts.