Community-Based Services

Health Homes Care Management

When a child needs multiple services, a family can struggle to effectively coordinate their care. The process can be scary for any Medicaid recipient and even more for children who have complex chronic conditions. Accessing and managing services through care coordination and service integration has the ability to improve health outcomes.

Care Managers

Health Homes is a care management service model which encourages service providers to communicate with one another so all of the children’s needs are addressed in a comprehensive manner. This work is done through a Care Manager. The Care Manager oversees and coordinates access to all of the services needed to make sure the child receives everything necessary to stay healthy. Health records are shared among providers so services are not duplicated or ignored.

What is Health Homes Care Management?

The goal of the Health Homes Program is to get your child the care and services they need to stay healthy. Once your child is enrolled in Health Homes, your Care Manager works with you to provide:

  • comprehensive care management
  • help to coordinate all of the services your child receives
  • keeping your child’s best interest in mind and promoting their health
  • comprehensive Transitional Care
  • individual and family support
  • referral to community and social support services

Who is eligible?

Children from birth to age 21 must be enrolled in Medicaid, could benefit from care management and have two or more chronic health conditions, or one single qualifying condition such as:

  • Severe Emotional Disturbance
  • Complex Trauma

Child & Family Services has experts on staff who will be happy to work with you to determine if a child is eligible.

There is no direct cost to participate in a Health Homes Program. If you think you may be interested our Care Managers will help you complete the enrollment process. Please contact Child & Family Services at (716) 335-7371 to schedule an appointment.