Preventive Services

The Preventive Services Program aims at strengthening clients, enabling them to empower themselves to better their lives for their families and their communities in which they live. Through a comprehensive treatment plan, the program works with families to prevent placement of children in the foster care system and maintain a healthy family structure within the home. Families learn how to solve problems, cope with one another and attend individual and group counseling sessions in their home environment.

Preventive Services is fully grant funded program. As a result, clients do not pay a fee to participate in the program. Referrals to the program are made through the Erie County Department of Social Services.

Cathedral Park Counseling

Cathedral Park Counseling is made possible through the ongoing support and partnership of Episcopal Community Services. This specialized service is part of the agency’s Mental Health Program and supports individuals and families at or below federal poverty level. Cathedral Park Counseling will advocate and counsel for individuals, families and children during a crisis, short-term or ongoing basis.

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