Center for Resolution and Justice

Family Mediation Programs: Child-Custody, Elder and Parent-Teen

Our Family Mediation programs provide services to help individuals of all ages and in various situations. All programs are confidential. Our three family programs include:

  • Elder mediation: as our loved ones age their needs may change; independence, caretaking and financial issues are just a few of the many topics elder mediation is suitable for.
  • Child Custody/Access mediation: when a relationship ends and children are involved, issues of custody and or visitation may arise. Our mediation program helps parents work together so they can establish a custody or visitation agreement outside of court.
  • Parent-Teen: Sometimes, parents and teens need help working through a tough situation. Whether the issue is at home, school or within the community, mediation can help.

We also have a divorce mediation program to assist couples that have decided to end their marriage. Click here for more information on Divorce mediation.

To request mediation or to learn more, contact us directly or email us at