Center for Resolution and Justice

Special Education, including Early Intervention

Over the course of a child’s education, there are times when parents and schools will disagree. When a child is receiving special education or early intervention services mediation is available to help parents and schools, at no cost, work out whatever the issue is.

Mediation is confidential, takes place quickly and over 90% of participants reach an agreement.

A variety of issues bring people to mediation. In special education, common issues revolve around:

  • Identification and/or evaluation of a child
  • Classification of the student on the IEP
  • Placement, related services or transportation
  • 12 month programming
  • Amendments to or implementation of the IEP
  • Behaviors, including manifestation determination reviews

ACCESS (formerly VESID) Vocational Rehabilitation

We also provide ACCESS (formerly VESID) mediation for individuals receiving Vocational Rehabilitation services and or supports.

ACCESS mediation is for individuals receiving Vocational Rehabilitation services through New York State. Mediation allows ACCESS and the individual receiving services a chance to work out issues related to services, including eligibility.

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