Residential Services Department

Child & Family Services’ Residential Services Department provides individualized intensive treatment for boys and girls up to age 21 that are unable to remain in their own homes due to their behavioral and emotional needs. Our staff provides treatment in small-group settings to help children overcome the obstacles and traumatic experiences that may affect their behaviors and prevent them from living at home. Through dedicated care, treatment, and supervision, children learn the skills needed to prepare for discharge back home or to another type of residence.

Residential Treatment Facility

Certified through the Office of Mental Health, this residential program is located in Buffalo and serves children ages 5-14, who have an acute primary psychiatric disability. Children are provided a full milieu of therapeutic services, including psychiatric services, therapeutic recreation, nursing, crisis prevention, and intensive therapy right on campus, as well as supplemental therapies accessed through community resources (i.e. therapeutic horseback riding, art therapy, music therapy).

Lee Randall Jones Community Residence

Certified by the Office of Mental Health, the Community Residence is an eight bed residence located in Cheektowaga. The CR provides services to children ages 5-14 with a primary psychiatric disability that does not require acute care but may still need the structure and support of this community based program.

This program provides 24 hour supervision, paired with community based medical, recreational and psychiatric services that may continue once the child is discharged home.

Residential Treatment Center

Certified by the Office of Child and Family Services, the Residential Treatment Center is a 16 bed residential treatment program that serves boys ages 6-16 who exhibit severe emotional disturbance and require a structured, 24 hour per day treatment program that cannot be found in either their own home or a foster care setting, even with intensive in-home services. The program provides trauma informed care, with the primary goal of returning the child back to the family or another permanent resource.

Morey House Group Home

Certified by the Office of Child and Family Services, Morey House Group Home Morey House is an eight bed group home program that provides community based group living care and treatment for boys 13-21 years of age who exhibit severe emotional disturbance and are experiencing difficulties in their family, school, and community. The goal of the program is to teach the youth skills needed to return home to their family or another permanent family situation or if that is not possible, prepare for an independent living situation.